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FIRANGI is the newest offering from Sahara One Media and Entertainment, which has three business units – ‘Sahara One’ Television, ‘Sahara One Motion Pictures’ and ‘Filmy’ Movie Channel.

FIRANGI, broke new ground in Indian Television with the creation of the ‘World Television in Hindi’ category this February 2008. The channel presents audiences in India with fresh, contemporary and bold programmes from across the globe, offering the much-needed variety to television viewers in the country. For the first time on Indian Television viewers have enjoyed some of the world’s most popular serials including Lalola from Argentina, America from Brazil, Second Chance from Columbia and Love is in the Air from Germany in addition to mini-series from all around the world and world movies.

For the predominantly adult viewer that the channel has in mind, the entire spectrum of the most popular entertainment programming has been sourced from all across the globe and dubbed in Hindi - From habit-forming original Telenovelas to light hearted Sitcoms. From never before seen, thrilling Adventure Shows to the very best of world Cinema. Simply put, FIRANGI offers the world’s best stories in Hindi. Its serial’s are shorter and fast paced, with each story lasting not more than 6 to 8 months, from beginning to end.