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Sugar Factory, Distillery and Power Generation Plant

The state-of-the-art Baghauli Sugar Factory, Distillery & Power Generation Plant is spread over 108 acres of land.
• Sugar Factory with present capacity of 3500 TCD upgradable to 5000 TCD.
• Distillery Unit with a capacity to produce Alcohol (ENA/RE/SDS) of 1,00,000 ltrs per day with state of the art bottling unit.
• Power Plant with 12 MW capacity upgradable to 18 MW.
Estimated Production Over The Next 5 Years:
• Sugar Unit : Production of 24 lakh quintals fully refined sugar by crushing 255 lakh quintals of cane.
• Distillery Unit : Total alcohol production of 1350 lakh ltrs. along with bottling of 240 lakh cases of IMFL (Indian made foreign liquor).
• Power Plant : Generation of 2419 lakh units of power using bio- fuel i.e. bagasse.
Benefits to Society:
• Nos of Farmers: 1,14,000
• Direct & Indirect Employment in nos.: 1010