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From the Pen of 'Saharasri'-Our Chief Guardian  

My warmest greetings to you all.

Over the past four decades of our success and achievements, we all have forged a much higher level of emotional association among ourselves. In taking care of each other genuinely and passionately we have attempted to bring happiness to all those who have come within our emotional folds, while encompassing the wide ambit of human endeavour.

In the course of this journey, even in the midst of joy, we have experienced turmoil; even as we touched new landmarks, we have had to cross numerous hurdles. However, the years have also borne testimony to the fact that every such experience has seen us emerge stronger than before. Our unique corporate culture, our dedication and a willingness to meet challenges head on have been critical in our onward march.

I can confidently say that the year gone by has been one of resurgence for us; it marks a new phase when we actually are bearing the fruits of our determination to never dither from the path of honesty and truth and remain steadfastly committed to our core ideals.

This phase has also been witness to our expanding into newer horizons. If CSD Sahara Global Academy marks our endeavour to bring in the best of international practices in the realm of academics and providing a complete learning experience to the students, CSD Sahara Cricket Academy reaffirms our commitment to a game that unites our countrymen in a common emotional bond. Likewise, our foray into the automobile sector with the launch of India's largest range of Electrical Vehicles under Sahara EVOLS underscores our contribution to a cleaner and a greener environment.

I welcome you all, my kartavyayogi friends, as much as I am grateful to our esteemed investors and associates who have stood by us firmly and will remain integral to this success journey which will continue with greater force in the times ahead. As we move ahead, we need to ensure that we abide by our strong value system, our emotional affinity towards one another, our robust nationalistic spirit and be prepared to give our best in everything that we set out to do. This shall not only help us realize our goals but also include, influence and inspire the success of every like-minded citizen.

India is looking at us. Let us make our nation proud.

Sahara Pranam,

Subrata Roy Sahara
Managing Worker and Chairman
Sahara India Pariwar

Our Chief Guardian's Classes
Our Chief Guardian's classes for teaching of life's philosophy, the psychological aspect, that is the emotional aspect of life, in other words the realities of life are generally 10 hour sessions and he must have addressed thousands of such classes. He strongly believes that the chief of any organisation should primarily be a teacher, a guide and a guardian.

Hon'ble Saharasri ji's classes at the new Auditorium - Sahara Sshehar, Lucknow

Shanti, Sukh : Santushti
Through this book it is absolutely convincing that the most dominating need of every human is strong security feeling of life, health, material, respect and love and then more material, more respect and more love. 24 hours - 365 days all your actions, reactions, planning and all expressions revolve around the above needs and continuous achievement of all these depends on you, and you need not depend on others.

Maan-Samman, Atmasamman

Emotions are of two kinds - love and respect. Love is an inferior emotion which has been given by God to fulfill your reasonable, unreasonable needs. But in human society since we have the thinking power, respect for others and sense of self-respect are the most superior emotions.

"Saharasri" - Subrata Roy
The Man And His Vision
He has talked about problems and proposed the solutions on 5 social issues namely Population, Education, Political (Election) system, Media & Religion, besides interacting on various aspects of life and professional life. According to him if these five issues are taken care of properly, our beloved country shall be the best in the world.