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Sahara Q Shop creates GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS TM  achievement for theMost stores launched simultaneously

Sahara Q Shop opened 315 stores at the same time across India

New Delhi, 16 th April, 2013: Sahara Q Shop, the quality consumer merchandise retail venture of Sahara India Pariwar, has entered the coveted record books of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS by opening a record number of retail outlets across the country, at one time. Sahara Q Shop, on 1 st April, 2013 at 4:00 p.m, simultaneously opened 315 Sahara Q Shop stores in 10 States across India. The opening of outlets was monitored by officials from GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS to verify and register the new world record set by Sahara Q Shop.

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS presented the official certificate to ‘Saharasri’ Subrata Roy Sahara, Managing Worker & Chairman, Sahara India Pariwar, officially registering the name of Sahara Q Shop in the prestigious world record books.

Sahara Q Shop stores opened under franchisees as well as company owned formats, having sizes of 300 sq. ft, 400 sq. ft and 500 sq. ft area.  The stores will provide 100% unadulterated, quality consumer merchandise products to the citizens of India at the right prices of food (staples and processed food) non food (personal care and home care), General Merchandise, Consumer Durables and Lifestyle products.

Sahara Q Shop has 550 operational stores.  By end of this financial year (April 2013 to 31 st March 2014) this count will reach 10,000 stores across India.

Speaking on the occasion, ‘Saharasri’ Subrata Roy Sahara, Managing Worker & Chairman , Sahara India Pariwar, said, “It’s a moment of great pleasure for me to present 315 more stores to the people of our beloved nation. The outlets are one more initiative to curb the menace of adulteration in the market and provide the society with 100% unadulterated, quality consumer merchandise products at fair market prices. I would also like to thank the team of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS for appreciating our effort by accepting it as a new record.”

Mr. Nikhil Shukla, India representative and adjudicator, GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS , said, “We certify the new record made by Sahara Q Shop of most stores launched simultaneously. Most stores launched simultaneously means that all these stores had to be launched at the same time, and Sahara Q Shop achieved this by launching these 315 stores at 4:00 pm IST. We congratulate Sahara for this achievement and wish them all the very best for the future.

Mr. Romie Dutt - Executive Director, Sahara Q Shop said “In a short span of almost 8 months from our launch, the consumers have appreciated our products for quality and purity and we are rapidly expanding our distribution network to provide our quality consumer merchandise to the entire country.

The ‘Sahara Q Shop’100% unadulterated quality consumer merchandise products go through stringent multi level checks and quality assurance protocol. A complete quality process from sourcing of raw material, to manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, till it reaches the doorstep of the consumer, provides end to end quality control. There are 7 independent, state-of-the-art quality laboratories and 104 online testing facilities ensuring best product development and constant quality check. This is supported by a ‘Sahara Q Shop’ Quality Advisory Board comprising of renowned scientist and food technologists, besides 50 quality experts and associates, 150 Quality Control Executives, 30 Quality Managers and 500 Quality Advisors to ensure highest quality standards across all its product offerings.

The ‘Sahara Q Shop’ employs stringent vendor selection criteria and has developed a 100 point quality check for selection and review of its vendors.  Besides, ‘Sahara Q Shop’ has a Q Vigilance Team (QVT), which has been set up at Baddi, in Himachal Pradesh, where most of the production for Sahara Q Shop is taking place. The QVT consists of select, trained commandos who have been deployed at all the manufacturing facilities to keep miscreants at bay and prevent sabotage.

About Sahara Q Shop

Quality Consumer Merchandise Retail Venture - Sahara Q Shop=Q=QUALITY=PURITY=OUR MISSION

Sahara India Pariwar is offering, through Q Shop, 100% unadulterated Quality Consumer Merchandise products to the country. Q Shop will provide best quality household items every month from conveniently located franchisee/exclusive retail store. With this mission, to curb the menace of prevalent adulteration practices in the market, Sahara Q Shop is committed to the guarantee of good health for you and your family. Sahara Q Shop will revolutionize the concept of easy and hassle free shopping.

It is Sahara’s challenge that not even a single item will be adulterated. All house hold items will be available at fair market price (sometimes even for less) and 100% quality items right at consumers doorstep.  Our Quality Consumer Merchandise Retail is entering the market to bring a paradigm shift in quality parameters’ being followed by the industry and also making the revolutionary idea of easy and hassle-free shopping a reality.

We are offering our esteemed customers

  • Completely unadulterated best quality
  • 100% right weight/quantity
  • Fair price